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Who We Are

The Village Players Community Theatre (VPCT) group was formed in 1999 with a vision of providing a high-quality, entertaining theatre experiences for our community and visitors to our area.

An opportunity for involvement in all aspects of production fosters our belief theater promotes community spirit and has a positive effect on our quality of life.

The VPCT is a non-profit organization with portions of our production proceeds donated to local school districts arts programs and community education. Scholarships are also awarded to area students attending college.

Interested in working with VPCT? Please contact us. We appreciate and welcome the unique talents of our community members, recognizing they are vital to the growth of the Village Players Community Theatre.

Miranda Burger – President
Helen Lovejoy – Vice president

Olivia Main-Wells – Secretary
Jim Anderson – Treasurer
Gaylen Brown – Director
Clark Jewell – Director
Gregg Johnson – Director

Judie Balderson – Co-Founder
Gloria McGlathery – Co-Founder


2017-17 Board of Directors (top from left): Miranda Burger, President; Olivia Main-Wells, Secretary;  Gaylen Brown, Treasurer 

 (Bottom from left): Helen Lovejoy, Director; CJ Long, Vice President;  Priscilla Bauer, Director

Come . . . join us!

There is a role you can play as an Actor, Director, Producer, Back Stage Assistance, Makeup, Lighting, Set design, Construction, Ushers, etc. The VPCT needs everyone’s support to maintain a successful community theater. Click here for upcoming Production Details!

Special thanks . . .

Genevieve Alberti designed the new logo in February 2012. She is attending school and studying graphic arts. It was a delight to work with her and we are grateful for the new look she has provided. We would highly recommend her services.

Visit Voyager Village’s website to discover the area . . .

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